‘Kundan Necklace’ An Imperial Fashion to Grace Your Personality

May it be during Indus valley civilization or 21st century,  jewelries in Indian culture always hold an ethnic position. It is not just essential as ornamentation, but is a hone of stardom in any gathering. On the basis of cultural and demographic variance, pattern and style of jewelry marks their own status and thus are traditionally different.

Between these range of jewelries ‘Kundan ornaments’ are embraced significantly in a special manner. Generally, Kundan jewelries are confused with stones or with other styles of polki and jadau. However, Kundan jewelries are precious and semi-precious stones engraved in pure gold to form an absolute elegant piece of work. The concept of Kundan jewelries was originated from Mughal royal Excellency, and later it became famous from regality of Rajasthan.

Earlier only pure gold was used to design Kundan jewelry, but now-a-days innovation has stepped up the fashion. Use of silver, copper, wood, ceramic, glass and even bones in Kundan jewelries are highly appreciated. This modernization has not only revitalized the concept of such jewelries, but has also made it reasonably priced for common people. Kundan sets, carved in gold were no doubt very costly and thus were not possible for an average person to afford. However, the newly craved ones are easily available within the range of 500 to 1500 Rs. anyways, both offline and online.

Also, when we talk about Kundan jewelry, Kundan necklaces are first that hits our thought. It goes very well with the Indian ethnic attire and adds a glory to your personality, no matter what the occasion is. Therefore, here we bring some very unique types of Kundan necklaces that you should add in your trinkets –

  • Classical Kundan necklace- Necklace worn by Aishwarya Rai in the movie Jodha Akbar is one of the best examples of classical necklace. These traditional Kundan necklaces are much loved in the bridal jewelry set and give a queenly sensation to the bride on her big day.
  • Trendsetter Kundan necklace – To shimmer with an eye-catching look is a dream of every female. However, some prefer to choose exclusively antique designs when it comes to jewelry. There are various designs of these trendsetter Kundan necklaces available online that forms a perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion.
  • Choker Kundan necklace – It covers the full neck and gives you a heavy, yet very stylish look. Usually, the choker kundan necklace is well suited with all the heavy Indian attires. These can also be color coordinated with your dress before your choice from the hub of Kundan necklace online.

We wish to emblaze you with the best combination of your costume jewelry and therefore hope that aforesaid information’s will help you.

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